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My College Dorm-Room Favorites

Things I Have in My Dorm: I probably don't need them, but I like them...
Over the summer, I went a little crazy on the Amazon packages for things in my dorm. I spent probably more money than I should have, but I kept looking at Pinterest and coming up with more things I "needed" to get in order for my dorm to feel like home. While some of it I don't use and definitely wasted money there, there are tons of things I use every day that I never would have expected! These are some of my most-used items and things I keep on hand.
Things I Use:
1. Small Desk Lamp If your dorm is going to be anything like mine, the overhead light will be your absolute LAST resort for lighting. It looks like the true jail cell it is in my room when we turn that on. A small desk lamp with warm lighting is a great, calming source of light for doing homework, writing in a journal, or even eating snacks (as I often do) at your desk. I got a simple white one with a gold stand from Target for around $…